Thursday, November 10, 2011

I love photography!!

I have found a creative outlet that allows me to create and NOT be my worst critic. I have painted, drawn, designed cakes, made hairbows, and sooo many other projects. But, I have always walked away from almost every one of them thinking how it could look better, seeing only the mistakes.

With photography, the only regret I have is "why didn't I start doing this earlier in life?" I find it to be very relaxing, challenging, mesmerizing and emotional. I have been told that I have an unusual way of seeing things. Whether or not that's a compliment, I don't know, but I do agree with it.

My simple blog is not to get fans or to be something awesome. It's just an opportunity for me to share "What my eyes see...."

I'd love to read what you think: good, bad, or indifferent. Please comment, if you don't mind. Thank you for visiting, but please do not copy any photographs.

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