Monday, May 28, 2012

Artists Wanted

It has been suggested to me that I enter into a competition for my photography. Having never done this before, I figured I'd give it a shot (pardon the pun). I think that anyone that puts their art work out there for all to see is someone that loves what they do and hopes that others love/appreciate their work, too.

I am asking for your vote. Even if I do not win the grand prize ($10,000 and photos to be displayed on the mega billboards in Times Square in NYC - WOAH!!!!), it'll be great to get immediate feedback on my photos.

Please go to and click on the star in the circle that is located at the top. Then pass the link on to your friends through your blog, Facebook, Flickr, etc. I would LOVE to have my photos in Times Square. Honestly, I'd love it more than the $10K. But I CERTAINLY wouldn't turn down the money. Heehee!

Thank you!!

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